Benjamin Moore After Midnight

Hello, old friend. It’s been nearly a decade since I began this episodic blog, and so much in the design world has changed. Now we have Pinterest, Insta, and modern farmhouse, a trend that embraces design elements I admire but whose “gather” signs make me deeply uncomfortable.

Come, let’s gather ’round and stare at the gather sign.


But my interest in design has remained constant; so much so that I went and got a B.F.A. in interior design (something I don’t recommend, as it took years off my life), got a job at an award-winning firm, quit that job after having a baby, and am now working on several freelance projects.

Which brings me to the plat du jour, After Midnight. Also probably the name of an edible massage oil, After Midnight, an inky navy, is a solid choice for kitchen cabinetry and accent walls.

Design by LMB Interiors

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Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

It’s late Sunday night and I should be drawing living rooms for my rendering class, but instead I’m going to wax on about Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue, a pretty robin’s egg that’s super popular.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue, via #RoomLust benjamin-moore-wythe-blue-2

I first noticed Wythe Blue several years ago when I read it was used on the set of “Mad Men,” in the Drapers’ suburban house in Ossining, New York.

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Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray

“Stonington Gray smiled rakishly at Olivia, his blue-black hair curling over his chiseled patrician cheekbones, freshly tanned from his voyage to the West Indies.

“You don’t seem to be struggling,” he purred, encircling her tiny waist with one large, thickly muscled arm. “In fact, I think you’re enjoying yourself.”

Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, via #RoomLust
Design by CWB Architects

Stonington Gray, dashing Regency romance hero and bestselling Benjamin Moore paint color, is one of the company’s most versatile grays.

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Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

A longtime bestseller, Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee is a creamy, slightly gray off-white, similar to the company’s very popular White Dove and Vanilla Milkshake.

Below, the Westie, stairwell, and trim in this Los Angeles home are painted Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in semi-gloss.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, via #RoomLust
Design by Tim Barber; photo by Karyn Millet

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The best orange paint colors

When I was 20, my friend and I painted our entire Berkeley apartment bright orange without asking our other two roommates. Needless to say, we were really thoughtful people. It kind of looked like this, only not as cute: Orange can be tricky, right? I mean, I love it and previously rhapsodized about it here, but, let’s face it, it’s probably not the first color you lunge for … Continue reading The best orange paint colors