Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red

Designer Alexa Hampton is one of many who appreciates Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red.

Here’s what she says about Moroccan Red:

…Dining rooms are traditionally red, and this is the red of the riding jackets in British hunting prints, the red of the proverbial redcoats — the military men everyone went gaga for in Jane Austen’s books. In addition to making Kitty Bennet swoon, red conveys a sense of royalty.

Anyone who references Austen while describing paint has my heart.

The Duke of Wellington by Sir Thomas Lawrence (1820)

Hubba hubba.

Red living room, found on #RoomLust
Dillard Pierce Design Associates

Above, this living room is painted Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red.

Victoria Pearson, House Beautiful.

Above, aren’t these spindle chairs nice? They’re both staid and sexy, like a needlepoint pillow stuffed with Benedict Cumberbatch’s chest hair. Peter Dunham painted the chairs Moroccan Red, explaining, “The kitchen is very traditional. I needed the color and patina to perk it up.” [Pendants from here.]

Don Freeman, House Beautiful.
Don Freeman, House Beautiful.

In this room above, designer Paula Perlini painted the high wainscot a cool white and the strip above Moroccan Red.

Above, an office painted Moroccan Red.

About Moroccan Red:

Collection: Classic Colors.

Similar to: Chili Pepper, Ladybug Red, Currant Red, Tucson Red.

Benjamin Moore reds, via More Benjamin blog Suggested complements: Mother Earth, Swans Mill Cream, Clinton Brown, Vanilla Ice Cream.


3 thoughts on “Benjamin Moore Moroccan Red

  1. We’ve had this color in our living room/kitchen for 12.5 years. We laugh because we open our windows and months later all the neighbors on the hill behind us suddenly have sitting room the same color just from peering into ours.
    It’s gorgeous year round. We pair it with yellows and light blues in the summer, in the winter it’s a warm respite from the drab outside.

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