Really, Apartment Therapy?

So disappointed by this photo.

Here’s what I wrote in the comments forum:

I’m disappointed with the photo choice for this post. I read Apartment Therapy to learn more about design and see what smart, creative people do with their living spaces. The photo above is distracting, alienating and insulting. Apartment Therapy isn’t a beer company — why is it using images of sexualized women to draw attention to its posts?

The bed should be the object — not the woman. In the future, I hope Apartment Therapy will be more conscientious about the photos it chooses to accompany content.

What do you think? I’d be interested to know. Whether or not you share my views, I encourage you to add a comment to AT’s original post.


16 thoughts on “Really, Apartment Therapy?

  1. I agree, I don't particularly like it. I understand putting someone in a shoot and showing a room being lived in but there is no reason to have her garment pulled up over her rear.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Eric and K. It's interesting that several Apartment Therapy commenters have accused critics of the photo of being "jealous" of the model's "beautiful, Asian" body. Wow — talk about objectification. That line of reasoning is insulting and reductionist, too.

  3. ooh wow, i just came across your blog and was quite compelled to comment here. I totally agree; I always feel this way when seeing similar images…because unfortunately they're horrendously common. Thank you for being an advocate for womens rights!

  4. Are all of you kidding? Stop nitpicking. Don't any of you have anything better to do than comment on where a model's shorts begin and end? This world is doomed to fail if inane dribble like this continues to fill this interwebs. Use your energy to make real change. Use your energies to form REAL ideas.

  5. HiI stumbled on your flickr album after searching for paint colors. Glad to find your blog! I agree with your assessment of the Apartment Therapy picture. Regardless of it being an interesting or attractive photo- I come to Apt.T for design inspiration and this just feels cheesy. What's next? A half naked chef on a foodie blog? Please spare us.

  6. Well I'll say it, yes I am envious of the model's body and yes that's partly why I don't care for it being posted on apartment therapy. I'm bombarded constantly by images that suggest that I as an average attractive woman am not cool enough or pretty enough, that I need this item or that item to be cooler and more attractive. Art and decorating are a means of blissful escape and i for one dont enjoy being reminded of my physical shortcomings (? if they really are) when I'm looking through design sites and trying to enjoy my fantasies of creating such lovely rooms. With pics like this it's hardly "therapy!" So call me shallow and catty and envious and a hater if you want, but I'm not opposed to the gorgeous models in Victoria's Secret, that's where one EXPECTS to see gorgeous half naked women. They are advertising underwear after all.

  7. While searching for design inspiration I stumbled upon your blog. As a Women's Studies grad student I completely agree with your assessment of the photo. I read many blogs and consistently encounter similar problems. Recently, several people called out one of my favorite bloggers on a racist photo. I was shocked by the aggressive and hateful response from her readers, which further confirmed the prevelance of racism in our society. I am so thankful you took the time to raise the consciousness of other readers. Peace,Dawn

  8. I definitely agree. I love AT, but sometimes I'm turned off when I see a couple of typos and images similar to this. I hope they take your comment to heart!By the way, I'm Freck! It's nice to "meet" you 🙂 Love your blog!

  9. Maxwell has a weird penchant for occasionally posting images like this. It definitely has made me feel a little creepy. We get it; you're hetero, despite loving design. No need to prove it.

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