C’mere, pumpkin.

Orange is a color we have strong feelings about.

"Orange Mood" by Stefano Corso
Stefano Corso
"The Orange Room" by Tina Barney
Tina Barney

Maybe you love it on other people, or in other people’s houses.

Photo by Thorfinnur Sigurgeirsson
Thorfinnur Sigurgeirsson

After all, some people can pull it off.

Orange room by Jeffrey Bilhuber
Design by Jeffrey Bilhuber; photo by Trel Brock
Orange Le Creuset by Wary Meyers
Wary Meyers

Orange is exuberant. It’s got nothing to prove.

1960s orange living room

Design by Barry Dixon
Design by Barry Dixon

But orange can be subtle, too. Orange is a status symbol, stacked smugly on a shelf.

Diane Von Furstenberg
Diane Von Furstenberg
Design by Windsor Smith
Design by Windsor Smith

Orange paint is one way to get your fix. Designers have their favorites.

And if you can’t commit to four walls, try one.
Ideal Home
Ideal Home

Orange bedroom, found on More BenjaminOr paint the inside (or outside) of your bookshelves.

Ideal Home
Ideal Home
Carrier and Company
Design by Carrier and Company

Maybe there’s some orange upholstery in your future.

Design by Pappas Miron
Design by Pappas Miron
Design by Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman
Design by Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman

Orange toile is decidedly un-toile.

Photo by Monica Buck
Photo by Monica Buck

And your Seasonal Affective Disorder is no match for an orange-and-pink palette.

Design by Jessica Lagrange
Design by Jessica Lagrange

Orange art does the trick, too.

Orange artwork, found via More Benjamin
Design by Joan Schindler; photo by William Waldron
Design by Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman
Design by Bill Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman

Or a throw or quilt.

Gray and orange room, via #RoomLust
Design by Kristen Buckingham
Light blue bedroom, via #RoomLust
Design by Leslie Klotz
Green and orange bedroom, via #RoomLust
Design by Nickey Kehoe

And remember: those orange boxes needn’t be Hermes.

Gray and orange bedroom, via #RoomLust


14 thoughts on “C’mere, pumpkin.

  1. I'm beginning to incorporate Orange again. In the 70's my parents chose the orange and white decor for me and green and white for my sister so I hated it for a while. It is a color that can't be forced, but now that I can choose for myself I can appreciate it and would be very happy with the modern orange and white I used to have (similar to the orange and white bookshelf pic above)

  2. I painted one wall in my kitchen orange (the rest of the kitchen is white) a few years ago, and I love it. I was actually afraid to do it at first. I had never used such a bold color in my apartment, but I was so glad I did. It has really helped to make the kitchen an even happier, vibrant space.

  3. Can I just tell you what a great blog you have here? Post more, please! I've been looking through google images for living room inspiration. Again and again I was drawn to photos from the same place – your photostream. Finally, I decided to check out the profile and here I am. If you check out my blog, you might wince at this next statement (our house is a work in progress that's still pretty much ugly) – I think we share a very similar aesthetic. I really hope you post again soon. Until then, I'm checking out your archives :)Jacci

  4. Hi!! I found your blog featured on Desire To Inspire, and I love what you have here!! I especially love your writing, it adds a flair and humor to the interiors, totally enjoyable! Thank you for a great blog!!

  5. Great swipe collection.This post decided it for me-I am totally going to change my oxblood hall to a golden orange as all my other colors are going to be muted purples and blues. I can hardly wait!-htg

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