Ideas for small spaces: Magnetic honeycomb spice rack

We’ve all seen those wall-mounted spice racks. But none has ever tickled me like this one.

It’s magnetic. It’s hexagonal. It has distinctive Moroccan flare!

Just attach the jars to your fridge and arrange them to your liking. Ta-da! A beautiful honeycomb takes shape.

Strong neodymium magnets keep jars from sliding; gold plastisol lids form an airtight lock, so spices stay fresh. The lids are die-stamped, too, so you know exactly what you’re sprinkling in your goulash.

Brooklyn-based GneissSpice will totally hook you up. Order the generic set (12 jars stamped with common spice names), or customize jars to your liking. Prices start at $27 (for twelve 1.5 oz. jars).

What would your jars say? Lately mine would be sumac, fenugreek, cardamom…


6 thoughts on “Ideas for small spaces: Magnetic honeycomb spice rack

  1. I like the style of the spice rack that you have out there. The honeycomb shape is something like an additional design or craft for the kitchen. It is indeed more than that! Nice!

  2. It looks lovely. BUT
    Whoever designed it didn’t care about the practicality of it.
    Usefulness should come before prettiness.
    First – you can’t use a jar in the middle because you can’t grab it. No space for your fingers. You have to remove jars from the side until you reach the one you want.
    Second – the name of the spice is written on the lid. Big help when you can’t see it. The spice name should be written on the bottom. If you have spices like basil and oregano, you can’t tell which is which by looking, you need a label.

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