The [x] factor.

One day, it occurs to you: “My life would be vastly improved if only I had a new [x].”

You do a little research. You learn the vocabulary of [x] — who knew bulb wattage was so controversial? You start noticing [x]s everywhere. You begin judging character based on your friends’ [x]s. At a party, you’re unable to maintain eye contact with the host because you’re too busy staring at their [x]. “I’m in the market for a new one,” you explain, fingering the shade. “Now, is this parchment?”

Pretty soon you’re gagging on [x], so obsessed and overcome with choices and information that it seems highly unlikely–about as likely as you ever cleaning your microwave–that you’ll actually select an [x], feel satisfied, and move on.

The lesson, of course, is that we can’t rely on material objects to make us happy, and, despite how we delude ourselves, infinite choices (and deliberation) don’t help ease a decision.

I know this. But that won’t stop me from obsessing over lamps. Because I’ve decided a new one will make me happy, dear reader.

And while I’d love one from Objet Insolite, Barbara Barry’s Baker collection, Oly Studio, or Max Ingrand (all above, respectively), I really shouldn’t consider anything over $200.

The hunt has only begun — but here are a few (well, 16) specimens that have caught my gimlet eye:

Barbara Barry’s Bodice lamp, $336.

Anthropologie’s green Yuan lamp, $200.

Circa Lighting’s small gourd form lamp, $300.

Barbara Barry’s Carousel lamp, $420.

Crate & Barrel’s Perry lamp, $230.

Horchow’s gourd lamp, $375.

Crate & Barrel’s Asbury lamp, $230.

Garnet Hill’s large gourd lamps, $240 each.

Horchow’s crystal ball lamp, $155.

Jayson Home & Garden’s milk glass Harriet lamp, $200.

Room & Board’s Eva lamp (also available in white), $300.

Jayson Home & Garden’s Genie lamp (also in white, black, and brown), $300.

Horchow’s mini crystal lamp, $145.

Ballard Designs’ Melesse lamp, $390.

Crate & Barrel’s Ponzio lamp, $150.

What do you think? Also: what’s your favorite source for lighting?


3 thoughts on “The [x] factor.

  1. Thanks, Nikol! I ended up finding a vintage mid-century lamp for $95 at a local shop. Whew! My obsession is allayed — at least for the time-being.

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