One guess where these charming bibelots are from:

Pottery Barn! Of course. But these are a past product. People, Pottery Barn currently is not selling any coral. Is it because it’s January? Or is it because the coral trend is finally, miraculously dying?

Alas, no. A quick Froogle search reveals that coral is alive and well. Neiman Marcus is hawking this enchanting set of bathroom accessories for $120.

And there’s this mirror, over at Decorati. (Price available upon request.)

Regrettably, gaudy coral decor is here to stay. Unless something takes its place. Which brings me to my question. Is manzanita the new coral?

They are both gnarled.

They both make excellent candelabras.

Also tables.

And lamps.

Chandeliers? Yes.

And jewelry stands.

Don’t forget about sconces.

And, finally, fabric.

Actually, I think the Joel Dewberry manzanita branch print (above) is charming.

What do you think? Will the coral deco trend ever die?