Darryl Carter wants to swaddle you in beige

Darryl Carter! Look how adorably coy.

The lawyer-cum-decorator is known for his calm, cerebral aesthetic and penchant for white paint, Belgian linen, gleaming wood and the occasional animal skull.

He’s a self-styled new traditionalist and loves mixing modern furniture with antiquessomething nearly everyone is doing these days. Perhaps we have Darryl to thank for it?

His work has been featured in the Post and all the top shelter mags: Elle Décor, Metropolitan Home, House Beautiful, Traditional Home. He’s the darling of Washington! Frankly, I was a bit surprised Obama didn’t pick him as First Decorator over Michael S. Smith.

I love this room (above), particularly the interplay between the pedestal table and modern leather chair. And that blue lamp in the background! Gorge.

In his book The New Traditional, Darryl discusses ‘redefining space’ (versus ditching your digs for a larger house). If we re-imagine how we exist in our rooms, he says, we may realize we “don’t need more space, but rather a greater sense of space.”

That’s a polite way of saying get rid of your crap, people.

Or hide it behind a screen.

Or in many, many tiny drawers.

Carter’s neutral palette extends to children’s rooms, too.

Yikes! Can you imagine growing up in this room? “Here, Billy. Let’s play with this foam cube.”

Come to think of it, I’m not surprised the Obamas didn’t pick Carter for their re-do. I can’t quite imagine Barry and Michelle hanging in these rooms. They’re beautiful but austere.

What do you think of the Darryl Carter look?

P.S. My friend Rae says the term ‘shelter magazinesmakes her think of dug-outs and caves and cardboard huts. Hee!

All interior photos by Gordon Beall.


2 thoughts on “Darryl Carter wants to swaddle you in beige

  1. Hi Javi,Love your blog! First, I’d just like say how much I enjoyed your blog “Darryl Carter wants to swaddle you in beige” – Such a great review of Darryl’s work!I actually work with Darryl, specifically focusing on his collection with Thomasville Furniture. I would love to share some of his work with you! Please email me if you’re interested – frances[dot]fawcett[at]fleishman[dot]com Thanks!

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